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The History - Going back to the beginning, researching the building was almost impossible due to the misplacement of many archive records. However, it is up to you to decide whether the folklore stories told about the hotel over the years are true or not…..

The story tells of a hotel manager who enticed a servant girl into the cellar. Spurning his advances and threatening to tell his wife, the girl was murdered by the hotel manager. He strangled and stabbed her then hid her body in a barrel.

When ‘Most Haunted’s’ resident psychic Derek Accorah came to the hotel, he reported the name of a male spirit George Williams/Williamson whom was having an affair with a female by the name of Elizabeth Hitchen. George Williams allegedly murdered Elizabeth by strangling and stabbing her. Accorah then revealed that Williams disposed of Elizabeth’s body by means of a chute within the hotel, which would have been used, at the time, for the delivery of bottles and barrels. Williams was then reported to have buried the body near the front of the hotel. According to Derek Accorah, Elizabeth Hitchen’s body remains there.

The second spirit that Accorah picked up on was that of George Lawley, whom he described as a writer who knew of Elizabeth’s murder and wrote about it in a ledger that he is reported to have hid. To this day, the ledger has not been found. It appears that a character of this name was a local historian who, at the time worked as a writer for the brewery!

Derek Accorah also picked up on the spirits of two children. Catherine aged 6/7 who died under the wheels of a carriage and Richard aged 3/4 who passed away after a blood related illness.

The other, as yet unnamed spirit who Accorah picked up on is rumoured to be sitting, waiting for someone in the infamous ROOM 214.

No one has yet to prove the existence of these spirits, as was mentioned earlier, there are many records missing.

Judge for yourself, go and spend the night at the Station Hotel…

Location: The Station Hotel

Address: Castle Hill


 West Midlands

 DY1 4RA

Aprox. year Built: 1910

The Station Hotel Dudley

The Station Hotel in Dudley was the first location that we conducted an investigation on and it did not disappoint us. The main areas that we investigated were bedrooms 214, 215, 216 and 217 and the cellar. In the bedrooms we experienced lots of cold spots, knocking and the sensation of some one blowing on you. We also had things moving but unfortunately this was only when we were not in the room and we cant confirm this was paranormal.

The cellar was full of activity, our medium on the night picked up on boxing fights, gambling and small kids. He also picked up a man that was looking through the door and then hiding when we looked.

The night picked up with light anomalies court on video and with the use of the SP-7 spirit box we had loads of intelligent responses to our questions. For a first time paranormal investigation this is the place to be. We had NO negative spirits and the ones that came forward interacted and were superb. Visit the events page to see all the dates that investigations are going on here.

Below you will find the lights anomalies that we court on video and you can also listen to the SP-7 recording and let us know what you think.

Investigation Report This was taken in the cellar  only me and Paula were present at the time. Taken 23/05/2014 This video was also taken in the cellar not long after the first light anomalies was court. Taken 23/05/2014