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We have tried to list the old and the new in paranormal investigation equipment. We Do NOT sell equipment this is just to be used as a reference guide. When you talk paranormal investigators they all have the equipment that they like using. We have tried not to just list the stuff we like to use but list all equipment. Most of the equipment is readily available to buy on the Internet or in hardware stores and some of it is completely free. If you think we have missed anything please let us know so we can add it to the page.

The Human Body - Provides the cheapest form of ghost hunting equipment. The can hear things, see things and feel thing happening around you. Cold chills, warm spots all things that could point to the presence of a spirit.

Dowsing Rods - these can be quite cheap, they allow spirits to give yes and no answers by moving the rod in your hands. These are also still used to locate underground streams. If you not over technical great way to communicate with the spirits.

Mel Meter - used to measure the EM field in the room. (Electro Magnetic Field) This is generated by all electrical devices including wall sockets and the cables in the wall. It is said that spirit energy also gives of EMF and they can manipulate it.

K2 Meter - This device works the same as the Mel Meter detecting EMF but the display on the K2 is in the form of coloured lights. The K2 is also slightly more sensitive then the Mel meter and will pickup things like mobile phone from a range of about 2-5 meters

Rem Pod - This device detects things that touch the antenna on the top, some also come with EMF and temp alarms as well. These are expensive but also great at alerting you as they have lights and alarms the sound.

Digital Voice recorder - This can be used to collect EVP’s. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) We tend to keep them turned on all the time as it provides us with a record of the nights activities. You only need a cheap basic one.

IR light source - If you have an IR (InfaRed) camera even if it has its own IR light on it we would recommend purchasing this light source. It gives you more IR light and over a greater distance. A must with the camera.

Digital IR Video Camera - Video evidence in the dark can really only be done with IR. IR is a light spectrum that we can see but the IR camera can. It allows you to see in the dark and you will be amazed at what you can capture.

Digital Still Camera - This allows you to take still photo. Always take three in a row so you can compare them for anything different. You can also get IR versions that are also great for taking the photo in the dark.

Digital Lazer thermometer - The spirits have the ability to change the temp around them. Most to make it colder but we have seem them make it hotter too. The terminator allows you to check the temp in a specific place with the laser.

Spirit Box - This device sweeps radio waves and it allows the spirits to talk through it. It has a built in speaker but recommend getting an external as it easier to hear them. You do get some radio stations coming through so listen carefully before thinking all spirit.

Note book and pen - This is for you to take notes. It is always good to conduct base readings on temp, EMF etc and record before you start. This allows you to not any changes and the investigation goes on. Helps add proof to you findings if something changes and record everthing in it.

Useful Tips

We have many hours of paranormal investigations and here are a few tips that we have picked up over the time we have been investigating. We hope that these might help you.

We hope that these tips help when using your paranormal equipment on investigations. In our members area we are building more helpful information that can help when you investigating. If you not a member please sign up it 100% free.