The question we all ask ourselves at some point is “Is there life after death?” Has anyone got the answer? Well quite simply the answer is that no one knows. While the number of people that believe in the after life or should we say the paranormal seems to be growing we still have no solid proof that there is life after death. The main Aim of the Forgotten Paranormal is to try and answer the question by obtaining the proof that is needed to persuade people that there is an after life of some form.

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The Forgotten Paranormal Society is a free to join paranormal society, our members can be sceptic, full believers or non-believers. Our aim is to capture proof that Spirits/Ghosts, UFO’s and any thing else that can be classed as Paranormal exist in our world. Different members believe in different things, some will believe in Spirits but not UFO’s and vis-versa.

The Society was formed in June 2014 by Tim Watson and Paula Amos and we welcome any one that would like to be a member to click on the members page. As members you can have any evidence you collect added to the website and will be included in Society News letters and other Society events when they happen. (Did I mention membership is Free)

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If you require help or advise about suspected haunting's please use the contact details below and we will gladly help where we can. We DO NOT charge for any advice or help that we provide and all information is kept confidential  about you and the issues you have. For more information please email or call.


Mobile: 07818552830

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