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Research Material

Over time we have collected a range of books that have allowed us to do some of our research at home. Some of these books are expensive so we would advice trying your local library before deciding to buy all the books

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If you require help or advise about suspected haunting's please use the contact details below and we will gladly help where we can. We DO NOT charge for any advice or help that we provide and all information is kept confidential  about you and the issues you have. For more information please email or call.

Email: Tim.watson@forgottenparanormal.co.uk

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©The Forgotten Paranormal Society - All rights received 2015 Story Books (based on true events or Folk law) Resource Books Other Books (Witchcraft, UFO and other paranormal event books) The Encyclopaedia of Angels By Rosemary Ellen Guiley The Encyclopaedia of Demon & Demonology By Rosemary Ellen Guiley The Encyclopaedia of Magic and Alchemy By Rosemary Ellen Guiley The Encyclopaedia of Ghosts and Spirits By Rosemary Ellen Guiley The Encyclopaedia of Witches, witchcraft and Wicca By Rosemary Ellen Guiley Possession Demoniacal and Other by T. K. Oesterreich The Encyclopaedia of Mythology By Arthur Cotterell The Spirits Book By Allan Kardec Ghost Digital Photography Handbook By Dave R. Oester The Atlas of Mysterious Places By Jennifer Westwood The Satanic Bible By Anton Szandor LaVey Supernatural - The World Guide to Mysterious Places By Sarah Bartlett Gateway to the Dead By Margie Kay Spells By Sasha Fenton Psychic Development By William W. Hewitt Talking to Ghosts By Deborah Vaughan Haunted Northamptonshire Ghost Stories By Ghost Hunting Data reading Log Book By Psychic Like Me By Tiffany Wardlee Extreme Haunting's - Britain’s Most Terrifying Ghosts By Paul Adams & Eddie Brazil Real Christmas Ghost Stories By M. J. Wayland Ghost Stories By Brendon Hawthorne

We tend to do the most of our research after we have investigated and work on the data we have collected to try and get a clearer picture of the location we have investigated. When we have found out some information from the above research books the best place to get your information is the Library. We have had some issues in getting information as it does not seem to have been recorded pre 1800’s. Below are some ways we have collected information about locations:

The first thing to do is try and age the building that you have investigated, this can be very tricky. Then find out to lived or worked there and how they died. Local historians may also be able to help if you can find one that will give you information for free. Remember not all spirits had to have died in a horrid way. Some might just like being there which is why they return.

Turning The Table by Bekah June Paranormal Magazine Volume 1 by lee Steer, Wayne Ridsdel, Simon miller Paranormal Magazine Volume 2 by lee Steer, Wayne Ridsdel Haunted Nuneaton by Jonathan Moss Haunted Nuneaton a Second Look by Jonathan Moss