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Location: 30 East Drive

Address: Pontefract

 West Yorkshire

 WF8 2AN

Aprox. year Built: 1960

30 East Drive - Poltergeist House

The History - The story of 30 East Drive starts in the 1070’s, when a young family move into the house with family friends seeing thongs from the outside and having the sense of spirits in the house. The 12 year old daughter being the target for most of the activity but all of the family experiencing the paranormal. This is said to be the most violent and active haunting in UK history. We would say one of the most as there are other documented haunting's that seem to be just as active and violent.

The story of the family has been recorded for all time in the film “When the lights go out”. If your into the scary films this is a great one to watch. If your planning on investigating at this site I would advice watching the film first as it will give you an insight into what you can expect from the house. This is a small location being a semi detached 3 bedroom house. With the lights on it is quite and warm but as soon as the light go out you can fell the temperature drop quickly. The house has stood empty for the last decade being used as a haunted B&B for a while. Now the only activity is paranormal investigations with the only residence being the spirits that live in the house.

There are two spirits that are said to be in the house, the first is the black Monk. It is said the he was hung by fellow monks for sexually attacking young girls in the local woods. He would cut out there tongs to stop them from yelling and when he had finished he would kill them. He was court when his last victim was still alive when she was found and being educated was able to wright down his name before she died. After his hanging at the gallows his body was berried in the local woods in an un-named grave. It is thought that the house sits on the location of the gallows or of the grave which is why he still resides here.

The second spirit is said to be that of his last victim who is also said to be responsible for most of the poltergeist activity in the house. It is said that this is to try and scare young girls away so that the Monk who is still looking for his next victim cant get to them.

Investigation Report

As we arrived at the house it was just getting dark around 0745hrs, Driving through the housing estate it could be any where in the UK and even entering the house it didn’t feel any different to entering some ones house. On this investigation we used the following equipment:

Mel Meter, K2.s, Mag Lights, Rem Pods, wireless CCTV cameras x4, hand held IR camreas, Static cameras

Below is the layout of 30 East Drive, we have marked the investigation areas, Base area and CCTV locations.

Our investigation started with a chat about the location and what had happened in the house. Our team consisted of three members of the Spooky Nights team and Nine guest investigators. The outside temperature was between 6 and 4 Celsius. The inside temperature was 18 Celsius with a 2 - 3 degree change through out the night. We set up the CCTV cameras as shown above and the monitor was set up in the Kitchen Area. We also had three other CCTV cameras set up on a different system but these were not recording.

Our first Vigil was Bedroom two, as this is said to be the most active part of the house. We had K2’s, Mag-lights and Mel meters for this vigil and it was not long before we had activity on the K2’s. Hazel from Spooky nights started the calling out with Mark we also had Mag-lights turning on and off. At one point which we did not catch on the CCTV we had a bright light like lightning skip between the K2’s in the centre of the room. This is the first time we have seen this furnomina which was impressive. We had a Mel meter with temperature alarm which kept going off. We also had knocks and foot steps from the landing while the bedroom door was closed. As soon as the door was open the knocks and foot steps stopped. One of the other guests (Jennifer) seemed to be the target for the evening with Hazel seeing a dark shadow flick her hair, at the same time Hazel sees this Jennifer reacted to something touching her. She was sat on the floor when this happened outside the door to the cupboard. The knocks and taps heard in this room seemed to be coming from the bedroom one but were in direct response to the questions that were asked at the time.

Next we moved into bedroom One, The activity in here seemed to be a bit quite compared to bedroom two. We had much the same equipment with us with the addition of a REM pod. The activity again seemed to be centred around Jennifer with a K2 she was holding going off randomly throughout the vigil.

We also had the REM pod go off and not stop. The only way to stop it was to turn it off and the back on again. This happened a few times on the vigil, I had also give the spirits permission to use my energy if they so wished and at one point my body felt like it was completely drained of all my energy. This is the first time on an investigation that I have had this sensation and it took me 5 mins or so to recover. I am not saying that it was the spirits but the feeling was not anything I have experienced before. We also had light that seemed to shoot up the stairs, we were not able to capture this on the Handheld IR camera as all the recordings from the night on that device were corrupted when we went to view them. Again is that paranormal or not we cant say but it has never happened with the camera before and the camera was saying that the SD card was full although there was nothing on the card.

After a break to recharge the batteries our next vigil we split into two groups boys in bedroom two and the girls in bedroom one. This was very flat in both rooms with no activity being seem. We then all regrouped in bedroom two with myself going in to the cupboard. Again there was minimal activity on this vigil and nothing in the cupboard.

Our next move was to conduct lone vigils on the three bedrooms. The first three went into the rooms while the rest went down stairs and watched on the CCTV cameras. After 10-15 mins we changed with Paula going into bedroom two. On this vigil Paula had a mag-light under the bed going on and off and lights flashing in the cupboard that she described as being like camera flashes. She also said she heard the noise of a camera but there was no camera in the cupboard. This we could not explain. Paula then moved into bedroom one and I went into bedroom two. I have a mag-light in the cupboard that was trying to turn on and the Mel meter in the middle of the room had the alarm keep going off and lights on it flashing. When the Mel meter was turned off all activity stopped in the room.

I then moved into bedroom one and Paula moved into bedroom three. Paula had no activity I bedroom three and apart from the REM pod going off and having to be rest  nothing happed in bedroom one. On reviewing the video I did seem some light anomalies in bedroom one that I can explain as they don’t seem to be dust or bugs. See footage below

Photo of the landing and stairs Bedroom one Bedroom Two

As the activity seemed to be quite we spit into two groups one in bedroom two and the group I was with into bedroom one. We started with some glass on the table and called out for the spirits to move the glass. This seemed to do the trick and we had the glass moving and answering questions.

This rounded off the night which started well with lots of activity but seemed to go quite towards the end. This was a great investigation with some great people. If you have the chance to investigate 30 East Drive we do recommend it.

Landing at to the stairs Bedroom one
Bedroom two