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The History - The house is reputed to have been built in 1556 for Sir Christopher Alleyn out of the materials of the demolished Gresley Priory, but the only survival of the 16th century house is a huge square chimneystack, once external but now encased in brick and within the house. It has four star-shaped brick flues on top of an ashlar stone lower part, all finely built, and there is a bevelled stone dripmould at the junction of the brick and stonework. However, the present building is dated 1664: it is an L-shaped two and a half storey brick house with curved Dutch gables on the south front, and could well be a fragment of a once larger E-shaped house.  There are now large, probably 19th century, east and north wings and flat-roofed mid 20th century extensions.  As built, the house had mullioned windows, but these have been replaced by unsympathetic steel-framed casements.  Inside, the house has a tall and impressive hall with a fine early 18th century staircase rising around three sides of the space.  In a cupboard in one of the attic cocklofts a plaster panel with the graffiti inscription "S.A. I.H. 1710" was found recently, which probably provides the date of the 18th century alterations to the house. The initials S.A. have been interpreted as referring to Samuel Alleyn, but since he had not yet inherited in 1710 and was only about ten years old, it is perhaps more likely that S.A. and I.H. were the initials of the craftsmen responsible for the work.

In the mid 18th century the house had an estate of 600 acres and was set in a fenced park, but in 1789 the house was said to be 'hastening fast to decay' and the property was subsequently dismembered for coal mining, the house tenanted as a farm and the outbuildings converted for use as a pottery in 1794.  In 1895, when the mining had destroyed too much of the estate for farming to be viable, it was converted into tenements.  It then lay derelict for some time before being purchased by a Miners' Welfare club, which employed Vernon Brice ARIBA to make it habitable in 1953.  The house now stands in a remnant of the former park, which has been somewhat enlarged by reclamation and landscaping in recent years.

Location: Gresley Hall

Address: Gresley Hall,

 Gresley Wood Road,

 church Gresley,


Aprox. year Built: 1556

Gresley Hall

Greasley Hall is one of the smaller sites that we have investigated. This however does not seem to make a difference to the activity that you will experience here. For this investigation we did not have a medium with us just three great hosts from Haunted Happening. Our night started with a quick walk round the Hall which has four floors. The Ground floor is used as our base for the night; the first floor has one large room with the second floor only a few steps up having three smaller rooms. The Top floor is an Attic with winding stairs and a door at the top and bottom. The Attic is split into two rooms with the far room containing a fire place.

Our investigation started in the first floor room with a group vigil. We had cold breezes and the feelings of something else there. There was also K2 activity although random. On the next vigil when we were split into smaller groups of 10 and used the Spirit Box (SP7), this had limited results with just the odd word coming through but again this was random. We decided to leave the ladies with the SP7 and the men went into one of the other rooms. In here we heard some taps and someone walking up and down the stairs. The other group were in the attic and when we asked they had not been on the stairs. With this we were not able to come up with a logical explanation to the foot steps.

These where heard again in the next vigil when we went up to the attic.

We also did some work with a glass on the table in the attic next to the fire place, while the glass did not move we had a very hot sensation on the side of the glass next to the fire. Again this sensation was felt by 6 members of the group and we could not find a logical explanation for it.

Small location but with all the investigations we have done this was another that gave us more to think about.

Great Night with Spooky Nights.

Investigation Report
The two photos to the left were taken  In Gresley hall while investigation. The First shows the fire place where we felt Heat doing glass work and the bottom Shows the MEL meter sat on a ledge. The video above is of a spirit box session done in the hall