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The History - The Land around Alton Towers has had settlements on or round it since 1000BC the time of the Iron Age. This gives us 3000 years of habitation on the land. The next record we could find 700AD when the land was handed over to the Saxon King Ceolred of Mercia. He ruled the land for only 7 years before going insane. Records are not available for many of the years that settlements and forts were here but some believe that the land and the family that own it are cursed.

The most well known legend is that of the Old Oak Tree.

The Legend - The Legend goes that in the 19th Century the mansion was owned by Charles Talbot the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury who started to transform the Mansion into what you see today. In 1821 one dark night Charles was on his way back to the mansion when his coach was stopped by an old beggar lady in the road. She asked for some help but Charles refused. The Old Beggar Lady pointed to the old Oak Tree and said that for every branch of the tree that falls to the ground a member of the Talbot Family would die. That night there was a big storm and one of the branches fell to the ground. The following morning Charles was informed that a member of the family had died that night from a sudden illness. Charles was determined that the curse would not claim another member of his family so he ordered the branches of the tree to be chained up so that no more branches could fall to the ground. The chains are still wrapped around the tree today.

We have spent one night so far at the Alton Mansion, the night started with a walk round with the medium Dave Vickers. He picked up on about 10 spirits  which really helped us to orientate ourselves to the location. Our base for the evening was the old chapel which did feel flat with little activity while we were there.

The rest of the location was very active, we started with a group séance in the kitchen area and we had lots of K2 activity in there. The next vigil was in one of the large rooms call the Puggin room. The spirits really started to turn up the heat in here; Dave picked up on monks and priests in this room that seemed to be quite dark.

While we were all stood around the edge of the room I had a shadow hand come down as if to touch me on the head. At the same time smalls stones were thrown at other members of the group. From here we moved to one of the smaller rooms we had the smell of perfume, urine and beer as well as cold spots and warm spots.

In Our own time walking around the lower rooms we had some intelligent responses on the Spirit Box to our questions and we also caught a full apparition on video. This is truly a great location. See the photos and videos from our visit below. Tim Watson 23/05/2014 with Haunted Happenings

Investigation Report

Location: Alton Towers Mansion

Address: Alton tower thyme Park


Aprox. year Built: 1800

Alton Towers Mansion Still taken from video taken in Pug room
Video Taken at Alton Towers captures Image

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