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The Village - Mansfield

The Village could understandably be renamed as the Village of The Damned. It is a graded building set in the heart of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Laying abandoned for over a decade this sinister looking building was once a slaughter house and then a Malt House during the 1800’s. The Village has become one of the UK’s favourite ghost hunting haunts and has provided ghost hunters with overwhelming evidence of the ghosts and spirits that reside here.

Some of the evidence captured here has been such that many people have experienced ghostly activity during their time here. The Group, Haunted Events UK, have run many successful overnight ghost hunts here over a period of time. They are kindly allowing other groups to investigate in our attempts to gain evidence of the paranormal activity that occurs here.

Location:      The Village

Address:       Midworth Street



NG18 1AT

Aprox. year Built: ????

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Vigil One: Our evening at the Village did not start as planned with the second time we were late due to traffic. After catching the end of the walk round we held the first vigils in zone one. This was the area that use to be a night club with a stair case leading from the cafe area to the main floor. We started in the end room which had a second room above it. In this vigil we just did a watch and wait. For half the time I did a lone vigil in the room above. In both the areas it was very quite with nothing happening. In the bottom room they tried the spirit box but this also was very quite.

Vigil Two: This done in the main dance floor area and we started with a Ouija Board but while nothing happened on the table we had a Maglite turned on and off that was sat on on of the walls. If after trying the spirit that was using the Maglite did not want to move to the Ouija Board. We then moved the table and glass to the area the Maglite was located but without the Ouija Board. This proved more productive with the spirit of a young boy moving the glass. He was about 5, with his mother and sisters also in the building. We did try and get him to play with some cat balls but again he did not seem to want to do this.

Vigil Three: For this vigil we moved into Zone two. This seemed to be a darker area and we started with some table tipping and managed to get the table onto two legs before the it fell over. In this area the spirit seemed to like the ladies voices. As soon as myself or any of the other men in the group spoke the table seemed to stop. As soon as the ladies started again the table would react. On the second time the table was on one leg and spinning. We had some great table tipping in this area.

Vigil Four: For this vigil we moved as one group into the lounge area in Zone Two. We conducted a watch and wait. In this area we had lots of bangs and taps coming from all round the room. We were not able to get the spirits to copy our bangs but at the same time could not explain where the taps and bangs were coming from. We had people out site who could not hear the bangs as we heard them. We also experienced cold breezes that would come and go. We were able to rule out wind and drafts. We also heard foot steps out side the room and also inside the room which we could not explain. At the same time as we heard the foot steps the K2 hit a reading. Just as we started to figure out where they had come from the Maglite that was located ion the barrel just below my camera was turned on. Again we could not explain this. The video below you can hear the footsteps and witness the K” and the torch.

This is the Main Stars in Zone One

Vigil Five: This was lone time in the building and myself and Paula headed straight for Zone Two after deploying CCTV cameras. We conducted a watch and wait with two Maglites set up onto of a box. Using the lights as one for “YES” and the second light for “NO” we were able to find out that we had a male spirit who had one child and really likes the ladies. Nothing else happened in this vigil. See video above  

Vigil Four video
Vigil Five Video

We also held vigils in the party rooms and again at the end in the lounge room in Zone Two. The party rooms were very quite with nothing happening that was even close to paranormal and the lounge room again was footsteps and tapping that we could not explain. Another great nights investigating with Haunted Happenings.

Watch the top left of the video and watch one  fake leaf moving and in the back ground a strange  light appear