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Location: The Towers

Address: Herongate rd,


 LE5 0TD

Aprox. year Built: 1869

The Towers Hospital Leicester

The History - The Towers Hospital in Leicester was an institution for the mentally ill for over 140 years. Built around 1869 and first opened its doors as The Borough Lunatic Asylum is has held people with Mental Illness up to 2000 when it finally closed its beds to become an outpatients only hospital. The doors finally closed for the last time in 2013 and has rapidly become derelict.

In its time as a mental hospital there is full records that include everything that has happened from Deaths, admissions, discharges staff as well as inmates. With the History of this building and the number of reported paranormal activity in the building we are looking forward to a great night. We will update the History as we get more from our research.

Investigation Report

The Towers is currently being demolished and we only had access to areas due to the fact some areas do not exist any more. This truly is a great location. Our investigation started with the normal brief in one of the large rooms on the ground floor. After which we had a walk round with the security guard who pointed out some of the rooms and what they had been used for in the past. We also found what could be blood splattered up a wall in one of the private rooms that was said to be from a patient that committed suicide when they told her she was moving to another hospital as the Towers was closing. Using ultraviolet light on the wall this showed up clearly and while not proofing that it is real blood leads us to belief that this could be.

We then split into two groups. Our group of about 15 headed to the hall and ventured under the stage to the changing room area, where we conducted some watch and wait vigils. These did not give us any evidence and seemed very quite.

Vigil Two - This was in one of the corridors and we started with a watch and wait for the first few minutes in the corridor. Within this time we had two people see the same shadow at the end of the corridor where the camera was placed. This was both at the same time. Also myself and one of the other investigators saw a shadow in the room opposite to where we were standing. I watched the shadow go from the first room to through a door to the next where the other investigator had seen it. This was just the start as we then moved into the room we had just seen the shadow go into and started with the Ouija board. At first there was no movement of the glass but then it started moving in such a fashion that it could not been one of the four of use moving it. At first the spirit did not want to talk and seemed to just be playing with us. When we asked a question like “Are you Male” the glass just moved round in circles. Slowly the spirit seemed to warm to us and we got the following:

It was a male spirit, born or dies (Not sure which) in 1835 give or take, His name was Ron and he was gay. He like the theatre and the arts but did not act himself. He was killed by a mob on the land that the towers stands on but did not live here. He was not fond of having people here and was rather shy and normally hide away from people. In this session we seemed to get a re pore with Ron even though he did not like to perform tricks and would not turn on a torch which we wanted him to do as a second peace of proof that he was with us.   

Vigil Three - For the next vigil we moved back to the hall theatre house with a large stage at one end and headed back below the stage. For this vigil myself and Paula went to the end which is known as the boiler room. We conducted a watch and wait and apart from the odd tap and knock which I am sure were nothing to do with the paranormal even though I could not recreate them in the area we heard them, the only thing to happen was to Paula who felt something moving her hair at the front. There was no breezes in the area but she could fell on on her face. The vigil lasted for about 40 minutes and we had nothing else happen in that time. The rest of the group in one of the rooms had cat balls move and a torch go on and off by its self so we were told.

Vigil Four - This vigil was back in the main building in one of the ward lounge areas on the first floor. We started in one of the padded cells just doing a watch and wait. This I am afraid to say was very quite and we had nothing happen. No knocks or taps heard. So after 10 minutes we moved the lounge area of the ward and created and energy circle with us all holding hands. We asked the spirits if they could lift our arms up in the air and this happened in a few places around the circle. This continued for most of the vigil but we had nothing else happen.

Vigil Five - This was free time, myself, Paula, Carol and Jessica all went back to the ward area we had been in for vigil five but this time we took a table with us to try and do some table tipping. This had fantastic results which started with the table tipping up onto two legs and being pushed over completely. We did not manage to get the table to do much more in this area but from the responses from the table it looked like our friend Ron had joined us.

Table Tipping Vigil Five
Table Dancing Vigil Six

Vigil Six - was conducted on the ground floor in one off the areas just off from the base room. Are group split into two smaller groups as before and we started with some table tipping. The two videos above are the results from the table tipping. At first we ask Ron who seemed to be following us if he would like to help and started by just rocking the table. We then had the table going towards one of the group before we had Ron push the table to the floor. I have to apologise for the singing on the video but it was done to up the energy level in the room. We then ask if Ron could dance the table and the results were amazing. The second video shows the results. In the video you can see everyone's hands on the table and there is no way anyone of us could have done it by ourselves as you can see from the video.

Vigil Eight - Our last vigil for the night was back in the theatre with the stage. This time it was with about 40 of us in one big circle. We conducted a watch and wait. In this vigil we had nothing happen.

Summary - We had a great night in the Towers which I have no doubt in my mind is haunted by multiple spirits. We were luck you have made contact with the spirit of Ron. We have been doing research since the investigation to try and get more information about Ron but currently we have not found any records that could be him. We will keep looking and update this page if and when we find out more information

Vigil Two light and sound heard and seen

Vigil Seven - This was conducted on one of the first floor wards and this time we did some glass work. Simply put we had a table and a glass. We identified a yes and No point on the table then asked the spirits to move the glass in answer to our questions. As with all the other vigils on the night we seemed to have Ron join us again. This was a very interesting session with Ron throwing the glass to the floor three times and breaking the glass on two of those occasions. We only managed to capture the start of the session on video as the disk became full without us realising at the time. This was however a very interesting and enjoyable part of the evening with lots of Love for the four of us shown by Ron. RIP.

Glass work video