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Location: Strelley Hall

Address: Strelley Hall,


 NG8 6PE

Aprox. year Built: 1200

Strelley Hall

The History - Earliest Saxon times, A few hundred metres South of Strelley Hall there is a sharp bend in Main Street. This is known now as Motts Corner. Near the corner are the remains of some Motts which is an old word meaning moat. It is believed that there was a Saxon building within the Motts which would probably have been on stilts and made of wood. The building itself seems to have completely disappeared. Tudor times - Most of the original Strelley Hall fell down and was not repaired during Tudor times. There is little record of what happened during this time. During the archaeological dig in 2006/7 it became apparent from the layers of waste that there was probably a major fire at the end of the medieval period. Strelley Hall changes hands in 1678 Nicholas Strelley was the owner of Strelley at this time but he gambled it away and eventually the Hall and estates passed to Ralph Edge, a lawyer.

There is a family tree kept near to the Castle Room which shows the generations of Strelleys from the time when they took the estate around 1200 through the period when they lost the estates in 1678 to the present day. Strelley Hall is sometimes visited by members of the Strelley family. Strelley was the first industrial village of all time Strelley Village today looks like an isolated time warp. But it was actually the site of industry in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was one of the first areas to be exploited for coal. There are the remnants of many bell pits all around the village. To work a bell pit a central shaft was dug and when coal was struck, the digging proceeded outwards until the overhang became unsafe. At that point the work moved to another location and eventually the core of the pit caved in. The volume of coal extracted and the difficulty of getting it to a suitable location for transport (for example the river Trent) demanded a better transport than horses and carts could afford. So the World's first railway was built between Strelley and Wollaton, at around the beginning of the 17th century. But there is a catch: it was only for horse drawn trucks running on wooden rails because the steam train had not been invented.

More recently there has been open-cast working for coal which only ended in the 1960s. It is interesting to note that there is almost no trace of the open-cast working but considerably more of the bell pits which operated 10 times as long ago and probably gave a fraction of the coal. Similarly there was prospecting for oil and gas in the 1980s which involved some huge derricks just the other side of the motorway. No oil was found and the site has been dismantled and returned to farmland with no trace left.

The Spirits - Nicholas Strelley put a curse on gambling at Strelley and was believed to have visited Strelley at nights uninvited after he lost the estates. His appearances caused some serving wenches to lose their minds and it is they who are now believed to haunt the Hall. They appear to be quite benign. It is not till much later than these times that certain ghosts were, quite frankly, just invented and which behaved in a frightening and harmful way to living humans (such as vampires). The Strelley ghosts seem to favour the Castle Bedroom which is one floor above the Castle Room and which overlooks the Churchyard.

Investigation Report

Strelley Hall is a fantastic building, With a staircase that runs up the centre from the reception room. On our investigation we started by doing a walk round with quick vigils in two of the locations that we investigated. We started in the cellar, damp dark and cold it was smaller than expected and defiantly the oldest part of the Hall dating back to the 1300’s. One of the group had picked up on a young lady and while we had nothing happen you could feel a sense that something was watching us. We then moved to the old mans room. This was decorated in late fifties early sixties style wall paper and furniture and from the moment we entered we had tapping from the floor. I could feel it directly under my feet and one person sat on a chair could feel the taps on the chair too. In the short time in the room we asked for the tapping to move round the room which it did.

We then broke down into smaller groups and our group started in the cellar. This was quite, we started with table tipping and only had small shakes on the table and the feeling of being watched but nothing that we could say was paranormal. Some of the other members heard faint screens coming from the corridor that runs for about 25 meters to the cellar. We moved into this area but but picked up nothing else. We moved onto the spirit box and had two male voices come through and one female but we was not able to decipher what they said.

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Next we moved to the main hall and staircase. Hear we started with the Ouija board we nothing coming through. I then moved away from the board and we have a young lad come through who did not like me. We tried to get him to play with a cat ball and to knock it down the stairs but this did not work. We had nothing on the K2’s. This lad suddenly went and the room became darker as there was nothing happening on the Ouija Board we turned on the spirit box but again nothing we could make out came through.

Lastly we moved to the old mans room. We had also visited this area on our lone vigil with the Ouija Board and light anomalies being seen. We also had some activity on K2’s but not much else came through. To end the night we had a big vigil in the meeting room, this was the high light of the evening with K2’s going mad on request as the group started to laugh the got more intense. A great end to a great evening even if the spirits were quite. This is a place I would like to visit again with a smaller group. Well worth a visit for the night