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Location: Gentleman's Club

Address: No 7 The Quadrant



Aprox. year Built: 1860

No7 The Quadrant

The History - Built in 1860 as private residences for the more affluent members of Coventry Society, The Quadrant is a select row of dwellings each with small architectural details that differentiate each residence from another. This ensured that no two buildings were identical. Number 7 The Quadrant has been home to many distinguished tenants including the Church Warden A Dalton, whose ghost has also appeared in the Old Cathedral nearby.

It was used as a private members club from 1917 until 2009, number 7 The Quadrant is a haven for ghosts and spirits. The smell of cigar smoke lingers heavily in the boardroom and footsteps are regularly heard from the room above when nobody is there. The lights flicker on demand and objects are often moved from behind the bar. Children have been heard in the bedroom above and objects have been brought into this room that were definitely not there before. The Cellars are particularly active and have a sinister and overwhelmingly intense feeling that you are being watched.

In 2009 the Quadrant Private Members Club closed its doors for what was thought to be the final time, a tragic loss felt by many.

Investigation Report

As you pull up to the building it not one that strikes you as a Haunted location. As we walked through the door it had a very warm and welcoming feel. The inside looks amazing with old fixtures and fitting. The bar looks like a private members club bar with spectacular leather bar front. This investigation was with spooky nights and only 14 investigators. We had a quick walk around which included the cellar, Billiard Room main bar and Library. See floor plan below. We also had access to a corridor on the first floor that had see activity but this was not to be available until later in the night. After the orientation we split into two groups of 6 with Mark and Cathryn from Spooky nights  floating between the groups.

Vigil One - The Library One the first orientation a few of us had picked up on something in the library and we felt this was the best place to start. As the room had a table with chairs in the room we decided to conduct a Séance.  On the table we had a few K2’s and asked if any spirits where around. Things started slowly with cool breezes running over more than one persons hands. We had some tipping in different parts of the room. Mark joined us as we started to get a few responses on the K2 showing that we had some company with us. One of the team hear “I’m Henry” whispered into her ear. After asking out for Henry we had no reply but did seem to have a female spirit that was tapping next to John and myself. We then decided to use the Spirit box to see if we could get any responses, This was the start of the night with the spirits. With in a minute of turning on the spirit box we heard what sounded like someone trying to talk and then the battery died. Mark left the room to get more batteries and as soon as he left a touch on the mantelpiece turned on by itself. We then started to ask questions and we had the spirit Henry with us. It seems that he was a member of the Private Members Club, drank Guinness and frequented the club in the sixties. The activity with the torches were going on and off on request and in answer to questions. Below are two short videos that capture some of the activity what we had.

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Vigil Two - The Cellar Next we moved to the cellar, In hear on the walk round I had sensed something and had the feeling of being strangled. One of the other investigators thought it felt fruity as if lots of sexual activity happened down there.

As we walked in we could feel a presence but nothing happened. We started with some table tipping just outside the door to the first store room and after 10 minutes with no activity we moved the the table further down the corridor. We decided to try glass work but again this did nothing. We did heard some knocking from the barrel room but we debunked this as being the pumps for the beer barrels. We set up a static CCTV camera in the corridor and monitored it from the base room for the next few hours. Footage from the CCTV can be found at the bottom of the page. Near the end of out vigil John and Lorraine herd some knocking from the end store room which they investigated but were not able to identify if this was paranormal as they was loads of stuff in the store and the knocking was not heard while they were in the store.

Vigil Three - Billiard room We started on in the first floor corridor using cat balls and calling out for the spirits to move the balls for us. After 20 minutes with nothing happening we moved to the billiard room. Again we called out and asked for a sign that the spirits were there. Again we had nothing for 20 minutes, no activity on the K2 and any other device. We had no Knocks or taps.

We decided to move back into the Library and conduct a Oujia Board. Nothing happened on the board and when calling out nothing happened. We had no activity on K2 or Torch.

Vigil Four - For our last vigil we all joined together in the library as this was the area that everyone had had the most activity. After just a few minutes we had a little boy we think called Ned who was turning torches on and off on request. The activity did not stop there, Lorraine felt like something was playing with her hair, then there was the normal breezes and finally a piece of plasterboard was thrown at Paula hitting her on the shoulder and then on her side. We could not find anywhere on the wall or the ceiling where this could have come from. We can’t explain where in the building it would have come from. For a grand finish we turned all four torches on and asked the spirit to turn them off one at a time for which the spirit obliged and turned them off one at a time.

This was a great night with some amazing investigators.

Taken in the cellar, watch for ghost that follows us